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How To Recycle A Bicycle

How To Recycle A Bicycle

Image Credit: Phillip Collier

Have you got an old bicycle sitting in your garage that you no longer use? Don't let it rust away, unloved.There are lots of options for recycling bicycles in the UK.

Can You Sell Your Bike?

If your bike is in good working order, you can start by offering it for sale or for free to friends and family. Alternatively you could put it on Gumtree, Shpock, eBay or by offering it on a local Facebook group or even in your local paper.

If you have a good quality bike in good condition a bicycle shop might be prepared to sell it on commision for you.

How To Recycle A Bicycle

If your bicycle is not working, you may find someone who could use it for spares or may be interested in repairing it.

Donate Your Old Bike To A Good Cause

You may be able to donate it to a larger charity shop, but please do ask them if they can accept it before you take it down to a shop, as many smaller stores do not have to space to accomodate a large item such as a bike.

Specialist Bicycle Recyclers

There are a number of specialist bicycle recycling organisations and charities, who will accept unwanted bicycles, refurbish them and then give them to needy people in the UK or abroad, or sell them to raise money.

Even an otherwise unusable bike may be good for spares, and the metal parts and tyres can be recycled.

Other Options for Bicycle Recycling

If none of these options are successful, your local recycling centre will accept your unwanted bike for metal recycling.


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