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It's always a good time to start composting! No matter what time of year you start to compost, the material will start to break down and produce lovely organic matter for you to put back onto your garden, when it comes time to plant or mulch.

Composters don't need to be expensive - you can get a basic one from around £35 and many local councils in the UK offer a basic compost bin at a discounted price or even free of charge, so it it is worth checking on the Get Composting website before you buy your own.

However you might need one that is bigger, or want one that is a bit more attractive than a plain black "Dalek"! Composters on the whole, are not terribly pretty; but there are a few more attractive, natural wood composters that are reasonably priced as well.

There are also some composters that are designed to make your waste compost more quickly, and even pop-up compostes which can help if you occasionally have a lot of material to compost, but don't want an extra permanent composter.

So if you need to buy your own composter or if you've outgrown your first one, here is a selection of the different types of composters available in the UK.

Blackwall Compost Converter

The Blackwall Compost Converter is good, basic and affordable composter which is available in black or green and with a 220L and 330L capacity. This is the type that your local council is most likely to offer you at a heavily subsidised price.

From and Evengreener

Lacewing Beehive Wooden Composter

The Lacewing Beehive Wooden Composter is an attractive beehive style composter which has a double hinged roof and is made from pine. and holds 328L of compost.

From Amazon

Terra Heavy Duty Compost Tumble

Tumbling your compost will increase the speed that your composted items break down - it has the same effect as digging your compost heap over - but without the back-breaking work! With a capacity of 190L, The Terra Heavy Duty Compost Tumble can be rotated 2-3 times a week and composting time can be vastly reduced. The compost is kept moist in hot weather too.

From Amazon

The Compost Box

The Compost Box

This traditional style composter is made from pressure treated FSC wooden slats, is guaranteed for 20 years against rot and is available in 3 different sizes. The Compost Box holds 600L of compost and is delivered flat for self assembly.

Available from The Royal Horticultural Society.

Aerobin Hot Composter

Aerobin Hot Composter

If you are frustrated by the amount of time it takes to compost your garden and kitchen waste, the Aerobin Hot Composter might just be tha answer that you are looking for. In a choice of 200L 400L and 600L sizes, it consists of a collector bin, and a second "aeration lung" which ensures that the microorganisms which break down the compostable waste have the optimum mix of water and gases to make your compost form as quickly as possible.

The speed that the breakdown of waste occurs at creates a lot of heat, hence the name.

From Original Organics

Modular Composter

Modular Composter

Build a compost bin to suit your garden and that can grow with your needs using this ingenious modular system. Available as single, double or triple versions, you can start with just one or two modules, and add more as your requirements expand.

The Modular Composter is made from timber from managed forests, which is treated with non-toxic preservative. These composters also require assembly.

From Dobies

The Original CompoSphere

The CompoSphere is an iconic design. This composter has a 315 Litre capacity and because of its shape and design allows you to easily mix and tumble the contents simply by rolling it around.

And it looks a bit like a space ship has landed in your garden, and would be the most incredible fun for kids.

From Amazon and Water Butts Direct

Collapsible Environmental Compost Bag

Perfect for smaller gardens or as an emergency extra bin when you have a glut of compostable material, the Collapsible Environmental Compost Bag then easily folds away when not in use

From Amazon

Blackdown Beehive 5 Tier Wooden Composter

Blackdown Beehive 5 Tier Wooden Composter

This attractive Blackdown Beehive 5 Tier Wooden Composter is supplied in a natural unpainted state and either pre assembled or build it your self options and with a choice of 4, 5 or 6 tier designs as well.

With rustic good looks, its classic appeal belies its practical functionality as an efficient eco friendly Composter.

From Water Butts Direct.

Thermo King Composter

Do you need a really BIG compost bin? The Thermo King Composter holds 900L and is thermally insulated. Made from recycled plastic, it also comes in 400L and 600L sizes.

From and Evengreener

You can make your gardening even greener by harvesting rainwater to keep your garden green and pleasant. Here are a selection of our favourite Water Butts from basic plastic to designer water butts that will be a feature in your garden.

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