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Saving water isn't only for times of drought; we cannot afford to waste this precious resource at any time.

To help you to save water, many water suppliers in the UK offer you freebies - bag-type water savers which you can put in your toilet cistern, meaning that you use less water every time you flush. The Hippo Water Saver is one of the most popular ones which is given away.

The Hippo Water Saver is one of the devices offered free of charge by many water suppliers in the UK

If you local water company does not offer one of these devices, it is possible to put a brick or large pebble in your cistern to acheive the same effect.

However you should always be careful that anything which you put in the cistern does not affect its working. Hippo Water savers can also be bought quite cheaply from Amazon.

Many UK water companies will also give you, free of charge, tap aerators and water saving shower heads, which mean that you use less water when you have a shower or when you are running the tap but you won't notice the difference.

Many companies will also offer you shower timers to help you know how long you have been in the shower and can limit the time that you spend showereing, saving water in the process.

UK Water Companies Which Free Water-Saving Devices

When applying for these free water saving devices, you will only be eligible to recieve devices from your own region's water supplier.

Free Water Saving Devices for UK Residents

Last updated 28th May 2018

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