Guide To A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Christmas 2022

Guide To A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Christmas <?php echo date("Y"); ?>

Image Credit: Annie Spratt

Peace on Earth shouldn't cost the earth.

Christmas is notorious for it's lack of eco-friendliness, from the plastic tinsel and decorations, the single use partyware, the rampant consumerism, the excessive consumption of food.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Here is our guide to having a sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas that will still be merry and bright.

Tips For A Sustainable Christmas

Should you get a real Christmas tree or an artificial one? How can you make your Christmas cards environmentally conscious?

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

From where to buy sustainable gifts to the best eco-gift ideas for your kids - and how to wrap them up in a eco-friendly way.

Christmas Recycling

However hard you try, there it is almost impossible not to create some waste at Christmas. Here's how to dispose of your Christmas excess responsibly.

Do you have any really good eco-tips for Christmas that we should include? Let us know.

Guide To A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Christmas

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