Christmas Card Recycling 2021

How To Recycle Your Christmas Cards 2021

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You probably are already having an environmentally friendly Christmas this year by disposing of your Christmas items including recycling your Christmas tree, disposing of broken fairy lights carefully and so you will also want to recycle your Christmas greetings cards.

For many years the Woodland Trust collected Christmas cards for recycling with collection points at various retailers across the UK, collection boxes in branches of Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys, Tesco and WHS.

How To Recycle Your Christmas Cards 2021

So what can you do with your Christmas cards when you take them down after Christmas?

Where You Can Recycle Your Christmas 2021 Cards

At the moment no organisations or supermarkets have announced any nationwide Christmas Card recycling schemes.

Please let us know if you have a scheme near you that collects Christmas 2021 cards in January 2022.

Christmas cards can be widely recycled via household recycling collections in the UK, so for now, our advice is that you should recycle Christmas cards in your household recycling collection.

However you should not include cards that have glitter, foil or stick-on decrations such as googly eyes bows, jewels, ribbons etc.

Either remove the decorated sections from the cards before recycling or put those cards in your domestic waste.

How You Can Save More Trees This Christmas

To be even more environmentally concious this year, consider these ideas for reducing your use of greetings cards.

Many retailers sell cards with the FSC label, good places to look are

Many charities sell their own charity Christmas cards, such as the RSPB whose cards are FSC certified.

The Greeting Card Recycle Project was a lovely idea for Christmas 2021.They sold card recycling packs which let you reuse your any of your greetings card and send them onto someone else, with a special personal touch from you.

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