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Where Can I Recycle.....Bicycles?

Where Can I Recycle A Bicycle    

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Have you got an old bicycle sitting in your garage that you no longer use? Don't let it rust away, unloved.There are lots of options for recycling bicycles in the UK.

Can You Sell Your Bike?

If your bike is in good working order, you can start by offering it for sale or for free to friends and family. Alternatively you could put it on Gumtree, Shpock, eBay or by offering it on a local Facebook group or even in your local paper.

If you have a good quality bike in good condition a bicycle shop might be prepared to sell it on commision for you.

If your bicycle is not working, you may find someone who could use it for spares or may be interested in repairing it.

Donate It To A Good Cause

You may be able to donate it to a larger charity shop, but please do ask them if they can accept it before you take it down to a shop, as many smaller stores do not have to space to accomodate a large item such as a bike.

Specialist Bicycle Recyclers

There are a number of specialist bicycle recycling organisations and charities, who will accept unwanted bicycles, refurbish them and then give them to needy people in the UK or abroad, or sell them to raise money. Even an unusable bike may be good for spares.

  • Re-Cycle accept donations of adult and larger sized teenager's bike which which can be put into a usable condition. They are then shipped to Africa where they are sold by bike social enterprises who ensure that the bikes that they provide can be repaired, distributed and maintained for a long time to come. They can also accept bicycle spare parts. They have drop-off points in the Essex area where they are based, and bikes can be donated at selected branches of Halfords around the UK.
  • Recyke-a-bike is a community enterprise based in Causewayhead in Stirling and bicycles can be donated to their shop, where they are refurbished and resold.
  • Recycle Bikes is based in Sheffield and unwanted bicycles and bike parts can be dropped of at their shop.
  • Gosport and Portsmouth based Bicycle Recycling accept donations of bicycles in any of their locations and sell refurbished bikes.
  • Recycle Your Cycle is an innovative programme in partnership with the HM Prison Service in the UK who set up workshops in prisons to teach usefull skills to improve job prospects. Currently based in the south of England but looking to expand, they ask you to contact them to discuss donation of unwanted bicycles.
  • If you have a bike to donate in the Norfolk and Suffolk area CycleRecycle will accept it, refurbish it and sell it on, keeping it out of landfill.
  • Re-Cycling in London sell refurbished bikes, and you can give them an unwanted bicycle. They will also offer cash for bikes in good condition, with proof of ownership. They ask that you email them with details and ask for a quotation if you wish to sell.
  • The cycle:recycle project accepts donations of full bikes, frames, wheels, compoments and accessories of all shapes, size and ages. They can only be accepted at their centre in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire by arrangement, so do contact them first.
  • The Bike Station in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth can accept any bike at their branches, and colleection may be possible, contact them for details.
  • Back 2 Bikes in Stafford accept any bike if you can bring it to their unit in Greyfriars. They will also accept bike parts.
  • Recyke y’Bike is a North East charity that takes in used bikes from members of the public which are fixed up by a team of qualified mechanics, and sold to fund various charitable objectives. Their shops are in Byker, Durham and Newcastle city centre.
  • Yarecycle is based in Great Yarmouth and ask you to contact them to discuss donation of a bike.

Other Options for Bycicle Recycling

If none of these options are successful, your local recycling centre will accept your unwanted bike for metal recycling.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

How Can I Recycle A Bicycle

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