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Recycling in Cornwall

  • Community Battery Recycling Alliance
    Battery recycling scheme in Cornwall.
  • The Sustainable Trust
    A Cornwall based charity whose purpose is to improve the understanding and implementation of sustainable practices. They think globally and act locally to conserve natural resources and effect small changes to our environment.
  • Cornwall Used Cooking Oil
    Will buy used cooking oil from local businesses which they recycle into biodeisel for their own use.
  • Recycle More
    Find a recycling bank in Cornwall for all recycleable materials.inclucing counil run recycling centres and recycling facilities located at shops, stores, car parks and other locations.
  • Furniture Reuse Network
    Find out where your unwanted furniture can be donated in Cornwall.
  • Local Councils In Cornwall
    Your local county, city or district council will have information about recycling collections, facilities and waste management in your area.

  • Cornwall County Council
  • Council of the Isles of Scilly

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