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Recycling in Bristol

  • Bristol Wood Recycling Project
    A timber yard, a wood waste collection service and a workshop. BWRP is a self financed, not for profit social enterprise and a cooperative. Through saving valuable resources from waste they provide socially inclusive volunteering and learning opportunities.
  • Recycle and Donate
    If you have anything you donít want and you would like to donate to a charity they can collecthem for free.
  • Bristol Textile Recyclers
    Collect unsaleable (rag) textiles from charity shops.
  • Recycle More
    Find a recycling bank in Bristol for all recycleable materials.inclucing counil run recycling centres and recycling facilities located at shops, stores, car parks and other locations.
  • Furniture Reuse Network
    Find out where your unwanted furniture can be donated in Bristol.
  • Local Councils In Bristol
    Your local county, city or district council will have information about recycling collections, facilities and waste management in your area.

  • Bristol City Council

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