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Recycling in Bedfordshire

  • Bedfordshire Materials Exchange
    Service for Bedfordshire and Luton. They aim is to reduce the quantity of useful material disposed of in landfill sites by providing a forum where the material can be advertised and re-used.
  • Pure Planet Recycling
    Computer recycling for businesses.
  • Cambridge re-use
    A community re-use project serving Cambridge and the surrounding rural communities of Cambridgeshire, and also parts of Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to help households in need by providing them with access to very low cost furniture, electrical appliances and other household goods.
  • Bedford Freegle
    Offer your reusable items to other group members in the Bedford area.
  • Recycle Now - Bedfordshire
    Recycle Now is a nationwide recycling campaign funded by the UK government. Find recycling facilities in Bedfordshire now
  • Go Real Nappy Finder
    Information on washable nappy suppliers, nappy washing services, advice and incentives to use real nappies in Bedfordshire
  • Recycle More
    Find a recycling bank in Bedfordshire for batteries, compost, glass, metal, paper, plasics, cars, construction materials and chemicals.
  • Furniture Reuse Network
    Find out where your unwanted furniture can be donated in Bedfordshire.
  • Your county, city or district council will have information about recycling collections, facilities and waste management in your area.

  • Bedfordshire County Council
  • Bedford Borough Council
  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • Luton Borough Council

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