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Bokashi Kitchen Compost Bucket

The government's recently published new strategy for cutting waste has paved the way for local councils to increase the amount of waste which they will ask us to recycle. Food waste is one area that the strategy has pinpointed, and of course much food waste can be composted normally. Things such as vegetable peelings, apple cores, teabags and eggshells can be added to the compost heap along with your garden clippings.

Green Cone Food Digester

But that leaves a lot of waste that still goes into the bin. Meat and dairy cannot go into normal compost as it would attract vermin to your garden very quickly. One solution that has been around for a while is the Green Cone Food Digester.

Place the Green Cone in your garden and add all putrescible food waste including vegetable scraps, raw and cooked meat or fish, bones, dairy products and other organic kitchen waste such as tea bags and bread. Add the accelerator powder and it will all turn into lovely compost.

Bokashi Kitchen Compost Bucket

However there is a new system which is becoming very fashionable - The Bokashi System. Rather than have a bin in your garden this system is kept in your kitchen. It consists of a bin with a lid into which you can place any food waste at all, including meat, fish, dairy etc. Next the magic! Sprinkle a little of the Bokashi Active Bran, which is a dry mixture of bran and molasses that has been inoculated with Effective Microrganisms. Close the lid so as no smells will escape and when the composter is full, leave it with the lid closed for two weeks and the food will be transformed so that it is safe to add to your normal compost heap.

If you want to compost continuously it is recommended that you buy two buckets so that you can fill one while the other is waiting for two weeks. Any liquid which is produced in the bucket can be tapped off into the scoop provided. This liquid when diluted can be used to feed your plants both inside and out.

The Original Bokashi Bucket is available at Wriggly Wrigglers, and Even Greener.

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